The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation was established by Steve Wampler to give children with physical disabilities the kinds of outdoor wilderness experiences Steve was fortunate to have as a child at Camp Nejedly located in the remote area of the high Sierras north of Lake Tahoe. The foundations goal for 2011 is to sponsor 300 participants; the average sponsorship is $850 per child.

The foundation has been providing life-changing opportunities for hundreds of kids and young adults with physical disabilities since its inception in 2002. Through the last six years the foundation has been sponsoring numerous other programs throughout the state. Most of the sponsored programs have been in partnership the City of Sacramento’s, Department of Parks and Recreation, Access Leisure Section’s, Camps and Outdoor Education Programs. To inquire about all the wonderful opportunities that are available for your child through the Access Leisure programs please visit their site:

With careful guidance and one-on-one support, the goal has given each child a chance to fulfill lifelong dreams. The programs have been designed to promote independence, responsibility and self-confidence. Some of the activities may include, but are not limited to: camping, water skiing, scuba diving, cycling, climbing, archery and a host of other fun adventures! Steve’s mission and vision is fulfilled through his Foundation at the two week wilderness experience at Camp Nejedly. The camp is staffed by seasoned Access Leisure veteran’s as well as dedicated volunteers, many of whom use their vacation time annually to make certain that the Hawley Lake experience is offered to 32 children each year. The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation and its legions of supporters, work tirelessly to see that each camper has this opportunity at no charge to their parents and/or guardians. The Wampler Foundation’s cost to operate this one of a kind two-week program is $2,350 per child for the week! There is no other experience like it and Steve knows first hand how life changing this program is for children.

Below are the forms for only the Hawley Lake program. 
Again, to inquire about all the programs that are available through Access Leisure Camps and Outdoor Education Programs and sponsorship opportunities please visit their site:

Camper Application Form
volunteer camp staff application

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