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Stephen Wampler:



The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation’s mission is to make adventure programs accessible to all children, regardless of their background or ability. To provide outdoor adventure and environmental programs that foster their social and emotional growth,physical rehabilitation and environmental awareness for children with physical disabilities.+++


Andrea Hawley:

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Danica Curavic:

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Honorary Board Members:

Hank Chambers:

Dr. Hank Chambers is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in pediatric orthopedic surgery. A graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine, he completed a residency in orthopedic surgery at Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston in Texas and a fellowship at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego. He has been elected President of the Board of Directors for the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) for 2008 and has served as the Chairman of the Orthopedic Department and Chief of Staff at Rady Children’s from 2004-2006.


Mike Howard:

Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Microsoft Corporation, holds global responsibility for the vital securityfunctions of operations, investigations, risk mitigation, crisis management, executive protection, security technology, strategy,intelligence, and employee awareness.


Bill Jasper:

Bill Jasper joined Dolby Laboratories in 1979 as Vice President, Finance and Administration. In 1981, Mr. Jasper became Executive Vice President, and was named company President in 1983. Over the last 25 years, he has led the company’s successful transition from an analog audio pioneer to a digital entertainment company that has made consumers aware of just how good audio can sound.


John Cook:


John Elliott Cook, Jr. grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from the University of California Haas School of Business in 1953. John and his wife, Sandra, have been married for 54 years.   They have one son, two daughters and seven grandchildren.   Residents of Sacramento County for 55 years, John and Sandra live in Fair Oaks, California. John Cook has been in the investment business his entire life.


Craig Walker:

Craig Walker is currently the first entrepreneur in residence to join the Google Ventures team. Walker was previously the Group Product Manager for Real-Time Communications at Google, where he oversaw all of Google’s voice communications products, including Google VoiceGoogle Talk, and Google Talk Video. He is also a technology entrepreneur and investor.


Gina Austin:

Ms. Austin is an executive with over 18 years experience building successful businesses through strategy development, funding road maps and operations in start-up and rapid growth companies.  Ms. Austin started Austin Legal Group in January of 2009.  In June of 2009 she was recruited by California Vision, Inc. due to her legal expertise in land use and environmental regulatory issues, broad business success, and significant start-up operations expertise.

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Wampler Foundation Introduction

Donors and or Grantors,

The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation is a 501(c)3 public non-profit organization created in 2002, with the mission of providing a one of a kind wilderness experience to physically disabled children nationwide. The Wampler Foundation’s belief is that nature teaches everyone that challenges can be overcome if we look beyond our own physical limitations in life.

The Wampler Foundation operates summer programs for youth with physical disabilities at Hawley Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of Northern California at no cost to the families. In addition, the Foundation provides scholarships for youth to attend six other similar programs throughout the Western United States. One of the many goals of the Wampler Foundation is to support the shared interests and activities of the existing programs and to foster the responsible development of new programs in the years to come.

Stephen and Elizabeth Wampler are the founders of the Stephen J. Wampler Foundation. Stephen has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair in his daily activities. He attributes much of the success in his own life to a number of pivotal experiences during his attendance at these very summer programs that the foundation now facilitates. The unique and rugged outdoor wilderness experience, normally only available to able-bodied children, provided him with the freedom and opportunity to explore new possibilities and to expand upon existing expectations as he conquers one challenge after another.

In an effort to raise awareness for the Wampler foundation worldwide, Stephen became the first person with cerebral palsy to climb the face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, accomplishing this amazing feat in September 2010. The climb was broadcasted around the globe and now is featured in a documentary film call “WALL, The Journey Up” which is now on the International Film festival circuit in 2012. It took Steve six days and five nights sleeping on the sheer face of the mountain and 20,000 pull-ups to complete. Steve has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines and has won numerous awards from different national organizations for his foundation’s work. Now, kids all over the world with disabilities as well as their parents, reach out to Steve by the tens of thousands with questions, advice and help. The waiting list to attend the sponsored programs is growing every day and the need to help enrich so many lives is at the forefront now more then ever!

The Need of the Wampler Foundation

The main problem facing this underserved population of disabled young people is that Federal and State Government financing of programs is still on a sharp decline. In California alone, 85% of all disabled participants are sponsored by 10 different State Regional Funding Centers for recreational activities throughout the year. Over the last decade these programs have been affected by budget cuts of more than $900 million, jeopardizing a majority of programs serving the disabled community.

The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation is requesting your financial support in the mission enabling children with physical disabilities to attend these important and inspiring programs free of charge. A donation and or grant will ensure that  children will have a life changing experience.

The fact is that in so many cases the expense in raising a physically disabled child is so overwhelming and so prohibitive that there’s no money left over for anything including summer programs. The cost to attend the types of programs that the Wampler Foundation offers is often out of the question for so many families. The equipment, therapies and medicines can cost thousands of dollars a month. The cost for the Wampler foundation to operate this one-of-a-kind wilderness experience is $2,350 per child per week. In addition, many of the children come from single-parent homes and do not have the financial resources to attend programs without full assistance.

The population-focused profile of all constituents funded by the Wampler Foundation includes, but is not limited to participants from all over the Western US with the following profile:

  1. Physically disabled
  2. Residing in a foster home
  3. Living in a at-risk environment
  4. From a low-income household

Programs, Objectives, Outcomes

The Wampler Foundation addresses the challenging issues faced by children with physical disabilities by providing wilderness programs to a population that deserves a chance to have a productive and meaningful life. Most of the participants are in desperate need of guidance and self-confidence and in many cases, their own physical disability has robbed the child of hope. The programs gives each child a chance to create a life for themselves and erase the hopelessness that often accompanies being disabled.

The goal of the outdoor wilderness programs is to give each participant a sustainable sense of social, physical and mental accomplishment. All sponsored programs promote independence and responsibility and help to fulfill life-long dreams. The goal is to provide confidence and positive experiences so that each of our participants can conquer the life’s challenges ahead of them. The foundation has now seen a paradigm shift in children, which has been the underling goal from the outset in 2002! We now have past participant’s writing to us from college saying thank you for opportunity to better themselves as they seek their own promising futures.

At the Hawley Lake program, there is at least one adult counselor for every child. When the volunteer doctors and nurses aren’t caring for the more than 25 different disabilities that the children could have, they can be often found playing and joining in on the fun and activities with the children. The counselors help with the participants’ development and provide guidance so that the child attains the greatest personal growth during the week. This includes scheduled activities and checklists to create a successful wilderness program. The professional support staff assists in integrating all the programs during their experience so the group comes together as one. Many seemingly trivial challenges can be personally conquered from these life-changing experiences.

The participants not only learn to work and interact in groups but they also accomplish mental tasks and physical barriers by learning life-changing skills from their own experiences. Integration is the key for the child’s success throughout the week. This in turn develops the individual child’s personal independence and level of responsibility through relationships, belonging and actions they create and build upon. Wilderness programs for anybody can be an educational and eye opening experience but for a disabled child a wilderness program can awaken the inner being for the first time without limitation. Programs the Wampler Foundation provide parallel programs of the able bodied as closely as possible so the child can experience the same feelings and emotions that the wilderness can draw out of anyone. The kids with physical disabilities have much of the same experiences as their non-challenged friends or siblings would have at any other wilderness adventure program.

As one participant stated, “I now realize that I’m NOT just disabled, I’ve got so many things to do and accomplish!” The objectives and outcomes for each participant, include but defiantly not limited to:

  • Increase in overall social capabilities
  • To develop physical competencies
  • To develop compensating skills and confidence
  • To develop outdoor wilderness skills
  • To foster emotional and physical independence
  • To develop a sense of personal worth and self-acceptance
  • To realize that there are clear opportunities for a normal, productive life

For the Wampler Foundation, the objectives for the programs are as follows:

  • To show an increase in self-confidence and motivation as demonstrated through evaluation surveys
  • Provide full scholarships for 32 children to attend the programs at Hawley Lake for one week per child
  • Provide sponsor full or partial scholarships to another 318 children to attend approved programs throughout the Western United States


The degrees of personal development are measured by witnessing the participants throughout the program and especially during the last couple of days before the participants leave. The hope and confidence realized is truly amazing. There is no other wilderness experience to match the value of such an achievement and transformational experience. Our programs are a catalyst in the development of self-confidence and motivation leading to increased optimism toward achievement in life. At the conclusion of each program, the participants are given a questionnaire and are asked to describe their experience and how it improved and / or changed their life.

The Program Director compiles the feedback from both the children and parents a month after returning home. The Executive Director then formulates a report to present to the Board of Directors so the foundation can assure the goals and objectives of the foundations mission are being fulfilled. This report is then condensed down to an annual report for our donors.

Budget and Sustainability

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, the Wampler Foundation has been able to keep the cost of the program to a minimum. The operating budget for the Wampler Foundation this fiscal year is $561,000 and the cost to run the programs at Hawley Lake is $95,000. Revenues are raised through a variety of fundraising activities, including events, grants, corporate sponsorships and individual donations. The Wampler Foundation has seen a consistent increase in revenue year after year and is confident in the ability of our diverse fundraising efforts to sustain current programmatic costs as well as to continue expanding the reach of our programs.


This donation and or grant from you will help transform the lives of physically disabled kids and young adults. The profound life-changing impact that it has on the child who is able to participate is unimaginable. A true wilderness experience can make us all feel so powerful, and allow oneself to embrace the power of raw nature in it’s purest form can be the catalyst in immeasurable growth.

We are asking you to support the Stephen J. Wampler Foundation’s and our unique programs, services and mission as we move forward in the years to come! Working together, we believe that we can make a huge difference in thousands lives, as it did for Stephen Wampler so many years ago.

Foundation Documents





Section 501(c) (3) IRS Letter of Exemption

Mail Permit

State Exemption

TD Ameritrade Document

State Raffle Approval

The official registration and financial information of The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation may be obtained from or by clicking on the link below:

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