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Over the past 47 years of my life I have been asked just about any question a disabled man has ever been asked. Every now and then I get a question from left field but nothing surprises me.

If your a parent, and child with or without a disability or a person who is just curious about disabilities you can contact me at anytime.

You might be thinking about sending you child to camp and how that all works. Or might have had a child born with a disability and you don’t know where to get the help you need. We can help and Elizabeth and I both have blogs that touch on many subjects. We have numerous resources that can get in contact with you know matter where you live in the world now.

Ever sense my climb up the face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in 2010 we have heard from tens of thousands of people with and without disabilities. The overall strength of the human sprit is what I love the most. So many people have been in contact with both my wife and myself with such triumphant stories of over coming the odds of everything from cancer, losing someone to a disability to running their first marathon. Hearing the stories from around the world is what this all about because we all in this together!

Camp WAMP group shot with all the campers, counselors and support staff

Camp WAMP Group shot of all the kids last year. Contact us today if you would like to be a camper today…

We encourage you to contact us with questions, comments and inquiries for Steve, Elizabeth or the programs the foundation provides for children with disabilities free of charge. If you would to contact us to donate towards our programs or sign your your child up for camp we encourage you to contact the Wampler Foundation today.

Our site will be ready for rent or least for disabled, family or corporate groups during weeks that our programs will not be operating.

To learn more about Camp WAMP go to or watch or to contact us about the movie you watch a clip here

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