About Stephen Wampler

About Stephen Wampler


Many years ago, Steve made the commitment that he would find a away to enable children with disabilities to not only take advantage of the great outdoors, but to embrace it.

Born with a severe form of cerebral palsy, Steve Wampler set out to climb the biggest rock face in the world, El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. At twice the height of the Empire State Building, Steve attempts to do 20,000 pull ups over a 6 day period, sleeping on the sheer face of the mountain and over-coming enormous fear in order to accomplish this monumental task. On top of all the other obstacles, Steve has the full use of only one limb, his right arm. With news coverage from all over the world, and while his wife, children, other family and friends root for him, only time will tell if he is able to summit this beast, El Capitan.

The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation’s mission is to make adventure programs accessible to all children, regardless of their background or ability. To provide outdoor adventure and environmental programs that foster their social and emotional growth, physical rehabilitation and environmental awareness for children with physical disabilities.
Read Steve’s Blog: http://stephenwampler.blogspot.com/

Favorite Quote:
“Failure is not an option.”
- US Navy Seals

Steve Wampler

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