The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation, or Camp Wamp, is a non-profit serving children with physical disabilities, and was founded by Steve Wampler, who himself has a severe form of cerebral palsy, and who uses an electric wheelchair to get around.

The idea came to Steve after many years of attending such a camp as a child in a remote area of the High Sierras of California, north of Lake Tahoe.

The foundation has been providing life-changing opportunities for hundreds of kids between the ages of 10-18 with physical disabilities since its inception in 2002. With careful guidance and one-on-one support, the programs have been designed to foster adventure, optimism and self-reliance in each of the kids.

The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation and its legions of supporters, work tirelessly to see that each camper has this wilderness opportunity without any financial obligation to the child’s parents or guardians. Sponsorship per child is, on average, $1000.

The kids of Camp Wamp each enjoy a sleep-away week of camping under the stars, fishing, canoeing, singing around the camp fire, hiking, making new friends, having a dance, performing skits, participating in “survival challenges”, and being part of a team all enjoying fantastic and fun adventures that the wilderness offers.

Lots of the children are nervous the first time they go to camp, some of them even cry, but many more cry after the experience of Camp Wamp as they don’t want to leave! They have had the week of their lives, they have made friends they adore, and they count the days until they can come back! Along with activities that are enjoyed by one and all at Camp Wamp in the high Sierras, additionally the kids have historically enjoyed the thrill of both fun in the sun as well as time in the snow! They have snow and water skied, rock climbed, cycled,white water rafted, enjoyed high ropes courses, curled, scuba dove, snorkeled, and delighted in many other adventures hosted by the great outdoors and in locations in Yosemite as well as other remote locations dotted throughout California.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, below is a video that is at the very heart of what we do. “Our” kids make you want to go to any length for them. Hope you like the clip, and we know you will fall in love with the kids!